Public Preview of Azure to Azure Site Recovery

Microsoft have announced the public preview of their new Azure to Azure Site Recovery feature. This allows you to replicate Virtual Machine running in Azure from Region to another without having to deploy additional infrastructure such as the original ASR software. The replication is configured through the Recovery Services Vault. This feature has been in Private Preview for quite a while now and it is available in every region that support ASR so that is good news! Hopefully all the issues have been worked out and now this is just “at scale” testing. I know that this will certainly change how I architect some Azure deployments now, especially for those where an RPO/RTO of minutes/hours is acceptable. More information on the new feature can be found at:

SCCM – Cloud Management Gateway limitation

I wanted to write a quick post about this on here as it’s the perfect place for this hybrid cloud solution and I wanted to make people aware of a limitation of a new feature in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager – Cloud Management Gateway. If you’re not familiar with the Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) then I’ll abbreviate it as an alternative solution to internet based client management which is much simpler to set up and leverages Azure instead of setting up your own on-prem DMZs and the like. If you want further information on this I recommend you go and read here – Now, I happen to think this is a great solution to a problem I’ve seen for years with comp...

Azure Route-Based VPN with Palo Alto Firewall – Dropping Connection

Originally posted by Jay Avent I have recently been working with a customer who were trying to set up a Site-to-Site VPN connection to Azure using their on-premises Palo Alto firewall device. Their firewall was a supported model running the required PAN-OS version (v7.0.5+). They configured the device as per the documentation linked to from the Azure Support website – however, after around an hour they were seeing the connection drop for approximately 2-3 minutes before coming back up and working again for another hour. This happened continuously despite being configured exactly as described in the support documentation. I raised a support ticket with Microsoft and aft...

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