Hybrid Cloud – It’s both the future and the past

We’ve all heard of the cloud by now, it’s fair to say it’s now a mainstream term for many people (not including the weather!) and most would agree it’s the future. When we look specifically at enterprise IT there’s still a discussion to be had on whether you should go public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud. There’s even more concepts coming down the line but we’ll stick with these for the simplicity of this post.  There’s always some scepticism around cloud, as there is with many ‘new’ IT concepts. But have you ever looked back and wondered if history is repeating itself? I’m writing this as someone with 17 years in the industry and more as a hobbyist so I’ve been around long enough to work with twinax terminals, ...

Azure Route-Based VPN with Palo Alto Firewall – Dropping Connection

Originally posted by Jay Avent I have recently been working with a customer who were trying to set up a Site-to-Site VPN connection to Azure using their on-premises Palo Alto firewall device. Their firewall was a supported model running the required PAN-OS version (v7.0.5+). They configured the device as per the documentation linked to from the Azure Support website – however, after around an hour they were seeing the connection drop for approximately 2-3 minutes before coming back up and working again for another hour. This happened continuously despite being configured exactly as described in the support documentation. I raised a support ticket with Microsoft and aft...

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