Security of Cloud Tools

So I have been heavily involved with the security of our Managed Service Cloud infrastructure and have been using Microsoft OMS (Log Analytics) very proactively to scan our networks for potential vulnerabilities. One vulnerability that was picked up in the Security and Audit section was on a third-party box we have in our network which hosts some Office365 integration. In OMS Threat intelligence this server was shown to be hosting a suspicious outbound connection which is visualised as a red up turned arrow, which is you know you OMS is not good and requires immediate attention (see example below)… On investigation of the box and outbound IP address we discovered that it was actually an instance of remote control tool teamviewer which when accessed remotely by the third-party actuall...

Backing Up SCOM Custom Management Packs Automatically With Folder Structure

Originally posted by Connor McCardle I was asked by a customer to create a simple automated backup method to ensure their custom SCOM management packs were backed up, but also whilst keeping a sensible folder structure. This ended up being a simple PowerShell script which was ran on a schedule using Task Scheduler on one of the management servers. One of the requests was to give a folder structure like this: \<date>\<management pack name>\<management pack version>\. The following PowerShell script is what we used to achieve this: #### Import-Module OperationsManager Get-ChildItem “E:\Management Packs\Backups\Overrides” |? {$_.psiscontainer -and $_.lastwritetime -le (get-date).adddays(-7)} |% {remove-item $_ -force -Recurse} $date = date -Format dd-MM-yyyy $csv = “E:\Manag...

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