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SCCM – Cloud Management Gateway limitation

SCCM – Cloud Management Gateway limitation

I wanted to write a quick post about this on here as it’s the perfect place for this hybrid cloud solution and I wanted to make people aware of a limitation of a new feature in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager – Cloud Management Gateway. If you’re not familiar with the Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) then I’ll abbreviate it as an alternative solution to internet based client management which is much simpler to set up and leverages Azure instead of setting up your own on-prem DMZs and the like. If you want further information on this I recommend you go and read here –

Now, I happen to think this is a great solution to a problem I’ve seen for years with companies that have strict controls, lots of red tape or complex multi-layer DMZs. That said I was at an event recently and there were some opinions that it was simply a money grabbing exercise from Microsoft to drag people into Azure. I’m firmly in the former camp but I’ll let you make up your own minds.

However, as great a solution as I think this is there is a major flaw (at the moment). You cannot use this feature with the ‘new’ ARM Azure portal, it only works with the now ‘old’ ASM Azure portal. That’s a real shame as this is being deprecated and we’re encouraged to get into ARM. In fact Microsoft partners are encouraged to get into something called the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program and guess what – it uses only ARM. This also applies to the Cloud Distribution Point role in Configuration Manager as they are based on the same technology behind the scenes.

I’ve been fairly vocal on this one and I’ve blogged about it elsewhere too. I’ve spoken to 3 different members of the product group on this on separate occasions and the team are at least aware but it’s fairly low down the priority list at the moment. That’s OK I guess, we all have to prioritise right? The one thing I know the team do look at regularly is uservoice and there is a post for this on there – I can’t take claim for the initial suggestion but someone else obviously feels the same way. It is gaining ground though, when I initially wrote about this there were 2 votes, now (at 04/05/17) it has 32 so people are starting to get it. I encourage you to get in there and use some of those votes you may have got back from the 1702 Configuration Manager release recently.

Leave me a comment, I’d love to know your thoughts.


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